BeWell Nutrients

Harness the power of pharmaceutical-grade vitamins & supplements at Wellness Pharmacy in Cary.

BeWell Nutrients

All vitamins & supplements are not created equal.  
Our BeWell Nutrients are in a league of their own.

We harness the power of science and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients for optimal support. 

Fuel your body with the support it needs.  We offer our proprietary blend of BeWell Nutrients compounded vitamins along with a highly curated selection of pharmaceutical-grade supplements so you can feel your best. Using science-based formulations, we bring together the correct dose and strength for optimum efficacy.  Using plant-based nutrients, our products provide multifaced support for bone, brain, and heart health, just to name a few. 

Wellness Pharmacy leverages nutrients, minerals, and scientifically based research to support specific issues such as metabolism, gut-health, brain function, pre-natal health, children's health, mood variations and much more. 

Visit Wellness Pharmacy and talk with one of our highly trained providers about our BeWell Nutrients.  We take adding quality vitamins and supplements to your life seriously.  We want to help you identify the optimal solution to address your unique concerns.  We also offer a vitamin & supplement evaluation to take a more in-depth look into your body's nutrient levels and what may need augmentation. 



Men's Health
Women's Health
Children's Health
Bone Strength


Micronutrient Deficiencies
Hormonal Imbalances
Digestive Function
Weight Gain
Brain Function


Healthy Skin
Mood Enhancement
Thyroid Function
Immune Support