Women's Health: My Journey

Women's hormone expert discusses her own journey to wellness.

Trying to be heard and get answers about your health can be so frustrating, I know first hand. My story began after I had my son ten years ago. Like many of us, I went through an adjustment after childbirth. Don't get me wrong, I was a blissful new mom, but with the new change in lifestyle came unforeseen stresses. For me, it was a mental fog that got worse month after month. Adding an additional challenge; my monthly moodiness became much worse. At each doctor's visit, I was asked how I was doing. My answer was always honest, I told the physician that I felt like I couldn't think! Having earned graduate degrees, I knew I was smart enough, but my brain power felt like it was slipping away. I could barely remember names or finish my own sentence. The response was always the same, "It's all okay, you have nothing to worry about, you just need to adjust to the stress of motherhood." I rejected this repeated response. I was not going to settle for feeling like another person had taken over my body and my mind!

As a pharmacist, I've encountered SO MANY women with unanswered questions about their health; most left feeling upset and unwell. Several came to me with lab results they had received without being provided insight or explanation. After consulting with patient after patient combined with my own personal experience, I found a common thread. None of us had been told WHY we didn't feel like ourselves. And many times, we were just dismissed. It was evident to me that I needed to step up for us women! I educated myself in additional modalities so I could help others find solutions that could lead them back to the person they used to be. Back to feeling like themselves. I wasn't looking for the band-aid answers to the issues, I wanted to address the root cause. What I discovered in many instances; there was some type of hormonal imbalance. It all made sense! I was so inspired, I enrolled in courses to become a Certified Hormone Specialist. I now work with people to establish hormone levels that are correct for their unique bodies. Correcting hormonal imbalances has become my passion!

Women's health requires a comprehensive evaluation of many things going on in the body. Hormonal imbalances are much more than menopausal hot flashes and irregular periods. Women can suddenly experience night sweats and weight gain, irritability, low libido, infertility and more. For me, it was foggy thinking and memory lapses after childbirth. I finally unearthed that my issue was due to hormone fluctuations after having my son. My hormones were unbalanced, and I became very estrogen dominant. This imbalance created a decline in my quality of life, both physically and emotionally. Once I balanced my hormones, the memory lapses resolved and I felt like myself again. I firmly believe that all people should be heard and acknowledged when they say they just don't feel like themselves. Being able to listen to my patients and helping them find the root cause, has made a beneficial impact on their overall wellness. To me, it's about connecting all the pieces. Your hormones are like a symphony, once they are balanced, you are able to go back to being the conductor of your unique and beautiful composition.